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                General Regulations for Recruiting International Students 2019
                2019-01-04 10:03  



                Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA) recruits international students in accordance with the professional category, adopts the application examination system. Admission is based on comprehensive evaluation of the scores, qualifications certification materials and portfolio of the applicant.The applicant shall submit the application form and provide the relevant supporting documents to complete the application during the application period.After the application is completed, the application form and the proof materials of the applicant are first examined by the International Affairs Office of TAFA, and the applicant who passes the first examination can enter the expert comprehensive examination.


                I. Required Materials

                1. Application Form for International Students of TAFA

                2. Passport copy

                3. Highest diploma and transcript (Upon application, if the applicant has not yet graduated, he or she should provide pre-graduation certificate)

                4. Personal portfolio (E-copy)

                5. A personal statement includes study and research plan, family economic status, personal awards and speciality (E-copy)

                6. Letters of recommendation from two associate professors or above for post graduate applicants

                7. Non-criminal certificate issued by public security authority.


                Ⅱ. Application time

                From January 31 to May 31, 2019


                III. Majors and educational system

                1.  Educational system



                Term of Study



                High school diploma

                4 years

                (Sculpture-5 years)

                Junior college to university student

                Relative major of junior college students

                1-2 years

                Master Degree


                Bachelor  Degree

                3 years

                Students in

                Advanced Studies

                Basic knowledge of Fine Arts

                No limit


                Note: All classes above will be taught in Mandarin Chinese. Applicants who reach level 4 of international Chinese proficiency standard should have the priority for  admission.

                2. Majors

                (1) Graphic art category (including painting, sculpture, photography ,calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting) ;
                         (2) Design art category (including art design, visual communication design, environmental art design, product design, fashion and costume design, public art, craft arts and digital media art);
                          (3) Drama and film category (including animation and experimental art).


                IV.TAFA will select outstanding students. In mid- June, the successful applicants will receive the letter of acceptance and visa application form (JW202). Those who have not been accepted will not be notified.


                V. Fee structure 

                1. Tuition fee:

                Undergraduate students          28000 RMB /academic year

                Postgraduate students            30000 RMB/ academic year              

                General advanced students        3000 RMB/ month


                2. Material fees:Students can purchase on their own at school and pay accordingly. Painting materials and tools are also at students’ own expense.


                3. Accommodation:1200 RMB / month (Single room with individual bathroom)

                Note:The “Integrated Insurance for Foreigners in China” must be purchased on the registration day of each academic year. The insurance content must include hospitalization and accidental injury insurance. The standard of insurance is 800 RMB/year.


                VI. Annual Scholarship and Incentive Fund (Except for advanced studies students)

                1.Tianjin Municipal Governmental Scholarship

                Bachelor degree students: full scholarship      35,600 RMB

                                       partial scholarship    20,000 RMB (under 30 years old)

                Master degree students:  full scholarship      48,600 RMB

                                       partial scholarship    30,000 RMB (under 35 years old)

                Application before the end of May, 2019.


                2.University international student scholarship
                        1) Full scholarship: tuition fee, ten months accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance fee.

                2) Partial scholarship: tuition fee and comprehensive medical insurance (Undergraduate applicants should be under 30 years old; Postgraduate students should be under 35 years old). Application before the end of May,2019.


                3. International Students Incentive Fund of TAFA

                1) General Program

                Each person has a subsidy of 2000RMB per year for the purchase of learning materials, and students need to submit the corresponding purchase vouchers.

                2) Uruguay program and “Belt & Road” Countries Program

                Each person has a subsidy of 2000RMB per year for the purchase of learning materials, living allowance and domestic art investigation costs. Students need to submit the corresponding purchase vouchers. ( In this case, students can not enjoy the general program funds again)


                VII. Contact 

                Add.:International Affairs Office, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, No. 4 Tianwei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, China

                Zip code:300141

                Contact person:Wang Chunshuang  

                Tel/E-mail: 86-22-26241505, wcstafa@163.com





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